Videokonsultation system

A special offer for general practitioners and psychologists

To meet the demand, in the current difficult times associated with the COVID-19 epidemic, we offer a complete system of video medical consultations.

A simple system for patients and doctors
2. The ability to register patients at a specific time
3. A functional and user-friendly application for Android / IOS smartphones and tablets
3. No need to install additional programs on your computer.
How does it work
The patient clicks on the link on the clinic’s website and is transferred to the virtual waiting room.
Selects the physician who has logged in to the video consultation system.
The doctor is informed in the system that someone is waiting for a consultation.

Possibility to activate the notification about the need for video consultations for a specific time registration / book system on the website. Information about the registration of the site to the administrative e-mail.

Possibility of self-recording video consultation for patients for a certain period of time (in the administrative system)

Omkostningerne ved implementering og konfiguration  2 999 Euro 999 Euro *

1 month free use


1st doctor: 14 Euro / month / contract for 1 month
2. doctors 45 Euro / month / contract for 3 months
3. doctors 65 Euro / month / contract for 3 months
4. doctors 85 Euro / month / contract for 3 months


* offer price until the end of the epidemiological threat. We do not want to take advantage of the difficult situation, but we would like a partial fee for the time dedicated to programming
video konsultation

Ask about a video consulting system

Contact us. We are ready to start programming as soon as possible.